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To get updates on when I have new paintings for sale please join my My mailing list
It’s low volume and is the easiest way to have info on my new work mailed to your inbox 🙂

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Some of my latest mentions in the media

Uk Metro


Laughing Squid

Free Public

Odd Stuff Magazine


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Npr Radio did a piece on me.

Squirrel Mommy did a interview on NPR (It is in Part Three from 16:50-23:30, for those who want to skip straight ahead to it),pardon Squirrel Mommy’s Cajun accent ;P Feel free to repost.All my art profits go to charity.



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Squirrel Planet

Make sure to also check out my friend Julie’s site Squirrel Planet
She was one of the first squirrel mommy’s my squirrel mommy made friends with here in Austin.And she has a adorable chubby squirrel named Mr Nut!
Find me on
On Twitter

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I was featured on Laughing Squid

The Laughing Squid site was nice enough to feature me and my painting on it.
You can check it out here. Here on Laughing Squid
Find me on
On Twitter

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April 24th is my birthday!

On April 24st in 2011 Squirrel Mommy rescued me from that darn mean o’l cat that tried to eat me.So Squirrel Mommy considers it my birthday.
In honor of my birthday you can give to your local animal shelter or squirrel rescuer in honor of my birthday.
If you’d like to send me a card or something *squirrel mommy hangs all the cards and also the drawings I get from little kids above my bed for me*
My addy is Winkelhimer po box 201073,Austin ,TX 78720 -1073
Some things I like
Mixed unsalted unroasted nuts
Hickory Nuts
Peanut Butter chew toy
Flying Squirrel Food *ok I know I don’t fly*
Petsmart gift cards are always appreciated *you can send them to squirrel mommy’s e-mail addy e-card and plastic card

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Add me!

Don’t forget to add me on
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Winkelhimer Smith

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