What do you guys think about the people that make squirrels ride in boats or water ski?

What do you guys think about the people that make squirrels ride in boats or water ski?I know I don’t like getting wet,so I wonder if my little squirrel brothers and sister are sking or staying in the boat because it’s going fast and they are to scared to jump into the water.And as far as I know we squirrels can only survive 5 seconds if we get under water and can’t get out.And like with me painting I would jerk the brushes out of my Squirrel Mommy’s hand.It wasn’t a “trick” I was taught or something she forced me into.In face she has to wait and paint things at night when I’m sleeping because I will get into the paints and grab the brushes.In fact squirrel mommy has a “collaboration” we did on a necklace because I thought about trying my hand at horror art and rubbed red paint all over a doll face pendant.
People yell at squirrel mommy for “cruelty” because she kept me and couldn’t bring me to a squirrel rehab immediately.It took Squirrel Mommy and Squirrel Grandma about a week to find one after I was attacked *it was on a holiday weekend*.And they take in strays of all sorts so they have a little kitten,cat and dog first aid kit.So they gave me infection meds for a kitten *that old cat that got me hurt my hand* and looked up online what to feed me ect.When they did find a squirrel rehab in the area *a bunch of them their phone number was no longer in service or nobody was picking up because it was Easter weekend* by the time they found one I out of danger health wise,and they had already learned how to care for me and we were all attached to each other.I was a baby so I didn’t know really of a mommy other then my human Squirrel Mommy.I was also a non release because my hand is handicap.
People think it’s cruel for some reason Squirrel Mommy kept me,I’m not even caged I live in Squirrel Mommy’s bedroom which she has squirrel proofed.And they also think it’s bad I wasn’t released but they don’t understand I have a hand that doesn’t work so I’d be in danger from those mean o’l cats ect.

After I posted the post about the squirrels that do water tricks,people started to wonder if us squirrels like water.I know I DO NOT like getting wet.But I found this. Here is a little blurb about whether squirrels like water or can swim http://answers.askkids.com/Weird_Science/can_squirrels_swim
“Squirrels can swim and do the “dog paddle”, but they do not like to be in the water. They will do it only if they must or to avoid danger. You can find more information here: http://www.boobooinc.com/sq/faq.html…
mjp65aa, Answers Expert”
| |
“Squirrels actually only swim if in life or death situations and if completely necessary. Swimming is very hard for squirrels and they use the doggie paddle method to swim.
Squirrels can swim and do the “dog paddle”, but they do not like to be in the water”

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