I’m trying to help nurse Squirrel Mommy back to health.

FROM THE DESK OF SQUIRREL MOMMY.She’s got kidney stones and not feeling to chipper.But I’m trying to help her feel better!

My squirrel Winkelhimersmith can be a total naughty scamp sometimes.But she can also be awfully sweet and carrying.In the early hours of the morning my kidney stone pain woke me up.It was so sharp and stabbing I was groaning and writing around in bed ect in pain.I wasn’t being loud but I guess Winkelhimer senses when I’m sick or really sad.At one point on like my 3 trip to soak in the bathtub I fl
ipped on the light in my bedroom and realized she had fallen asleep NOT in her cubby where she ALWAYS sleeps.But on the second shelf of the cat tree where she could watch over me.I woke her up and told her Mama was sorry if she worried her but she needed to get back in her cubby where it was extra warm *thank God I just got us another heater or she would have been frozen* I had to lure her back in her bed with food and even then she was a little reluctant. But I assured her I was ok I just had some back pain.
Well I wake up later in the day after I finally passed out for a few hours.And she was so excited I was up!She was running around and showing off for me.I put her one of her blankies on the bed and she made me play Timmy Tum Tumm with her for almost a hour,it’s where I tickle her belly and she acts like “Oh my I just hate this and mock kicks her feet in the air,then she runs over for you to do it again*.So we played and I fed her a few times since I slept a little late she was hungry.I feed her before I go to sleep but they eat ALLOT so she goes through that pretty quick and waits for lunch.I can’t feed her a ton or she hides it all.After her lunch I was starting to hurt and I notice she started finding all her almonds in a shell and started putting a few in the bed.I didn’t think much of it till I realized I had a bunch at my feel and also on the side of my pillow.And I realized my baby squirrel girl was trying to feed her mommy.She even went to her food container and was nervously digging.I thought she maybe wanted one of the shelled nuts I had gotten her.I opened the bag for her and she was almost totally out but for some crumbs.BUT she found a cracked hazelnut.I go back to bed and I figured “man she much have been hungry for hazelnuts.The she gets into my bed and puts the hazelnut on the side of my pillow.I guess she thought maybe if I was sick I’d have a hard time getting through the shelled ones and I could have them for later.She was picking up my pillow and making sure to stash it and making sure I saw where it was stashed.That was so sweet of her it almost broke my heart.Even though she’s a pet I still let her be really independent and a little wild,like I respect her not wanting to be picked up and that I get to hold her when she jumps in my arms.I think because of that it slips my mind how much she is attached to me and cares for me.She was totally trying to take care of Squirrel Mama today.I guess since I nursed her back to health she’s returning the favor.

Winkelhimer Smith The Painting Squirrel

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