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Thanks to you kind folks buying my art I was able to help a few folks last month.




Thanks to you kind folks buying my art I was able to help a few folks last month.
I gave to for their fund for the SXSW crash victims.
And also I found a new animal rescue to donate to.A fellow bought one of my originals so squirrel mommy asked if he had any places he would like me to send donations.He told us about this one
We also sent some funds to a friend who has a handicap son.
These are great charities to give to so please check them out and give them a like.Even if you can’t donate money even posting their links helps!
Winkelhimer Smith the painting squirrel.




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New Winkelhimer Smith Holiday Ornaments

New Winkelhimer Smith Holiday Ornaments
They are plush ornaments made out of white cotton with Wink’s image on the front.They also have a little rhinestone accent.They are all hand made so expect variations on the rhinestone accents ect.They have a fabric loop at the top for hanging.
SIZE: 5 1/2 X 5
They are 10.00 each which includes shipping.
I take paypal and I only made a few to see how they would sell so I can’t hold any aside for anyone.
All the money from it will go to buy food,litter meds ect for the rescue pets we have 🙂
If you would like one let me know and send me your paypal e-mail addy and I’ll send you a invoice for your order 🙂
From Winkel’s Squirrel Mommy
Winkelhimer Smith The Painting Squirrel!/Winkelhimer

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I’m on the ALF animal liberation front website.

I am on the ALF animal liberation front website.These are the folks that WALK THE WALK.Letting animals out from research facilities and putting their lives on the line to stop people from hurting animals.I’m honored they put my story up on their website!
Winkelhimer Smith The Painting Squirrel!/Winkelhimer

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Video of Winkelhimer on KPLC

Kplc one of the local news stations that interviewed me and my painting squirrel Winkelhimer Smith has put up the video on their site Winkelhimer on KPLC
And me and Winkelhimer had a interview today with Lake Charles newspaper Which should be published Thursday or Friday and have video on their site.
And tomorrow we have a interview with KATC the Lafayette News Channel
You can find Winkelhimer on FB Winkelhimer Smiths facebook page
And also Twitter @Winkelhimer
Ugly Shyla

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