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ABC featured me on their website again

ABC featured me on their website again I’m the 5th squirrel mentioned.
Winkelhimer Smith,The painting squirrel.

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My first time drawing with a marker!

For the naysayers that think I just CHEW on my art tools.You can see how I have to hook my HANDICAP hand around the tool and have to use my mouth to manipulate the tool to help me draw or paint!Squirrel Mommy also put duct tape around the marker so I could get a better grip because my handicap hand doesn’t grasp.
winkelhimer smith the painting squirrel
Winkelhimer Smith The Painting Squirrel!/Winkelhimer

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Comission Winkelhimer Smith the Painting Squirrel.

I accept commissions sometimes for my abstract artwork .I have different colored papers and food coloring. For a standard size 11 X 9 commission it’s 75.00 with S/H within the USA.
To enquirer about commissions you can get in touch with me though my squire mommy at
Mommy has lots of food colors,water colors and non toxic paints for me to paint with.As well as lots of colored and printed papers 🙂
She also will e-mail you a pic of me working on YOUR painting.
Winkelhimer Smith The Painting Squirrel!/Winkelhimer

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