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Happy Birthday to me!

A message from Squirrel Mommy.

April 24th is Winkelhimersmith birthday/gotcha day.And usually in lieu of gifts we ask folks to donate to charity in her name. April 24th marks the day that I wrestled her away her from a cat attacking her.We will have been together for 5 years and she will be 4 years old.When I found her she was less then a year old.I usually make a big list of charities, animal rehabbers and people in need that folks can click on and donate to which ever one they want.But this year for some reason I have been extremely busy this april.So for those of you who are actually crazy enough to trust me and Winkelhimer you can send donations to Winkel
and I will divide the money up amongst those that are in need.We don’t keep ANY of it. Or if you would like to wait for a list of charities and folks I can make that up in a few days.I just didn’t want to try and do it all tonight and leave somebody out.
And sometimes kids like to send her drawings or cards for her birthday,that is totally fine her mailing addy is Winkelhimer Smith po box 201073,Austin,TX 78720
And P.S. Winkelhimer I love you more then life itself!And I’m so glad you came into my life and not only have been my squirrel baby, but from your painting video going viral you introduced me to the squirrel community who have become extended family,and it also has allowed us to help people!

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Giving the bats a helping paw.

Me and squirrel mommy’s friend Steph is starting her own bat rescue.She currently works with a few of the rescues around Pennsylvania and is just starting the branch out on her own.She loves her bats so much she even has bats tattooed on her face! So she needs our support to get up and going! This is a message from Steph :

Last week I received two bat huts purchased from Bat World Sanctuary.. funds were donated by Winkelhimersmith. Those huts are occupied already. I currently have 37 bats that will be overwintered unless they lose weight and it’s warm (both which are unrealistic).. I have absolutely no more bat huts please help the bats… I can assure you I will receive more bats. The three batketeers were found after shutters were removed during home maintenance. Please consider purchasing bat huts for future rescued bats.”

You can donate to Miss Steph by paypal by sending donations to this address You can buy Bat Huts from here and then message Miss Steph here and she will send you the mailing addy to send her the huts.She’s working really hard to help those bats and other furry babies,so lets give her a helping paw!!!
Winkelhimer Smith
The Painting squirrel.
Find my prints for sale here


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ABC featured me on their website again

ABC featured me on their website again I’m the 5th squirrel mentioned.
Winkelhimer Smith,The painting squirrel.

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Helped by Animals Facebook Page

Helped by Animals posted a post about me so check out their FB! They are a awesome FB page about how animals and people bond with each other. Link to the post about me The link to their page on facebook

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Winkelhimer’s painting up for auction in Lake Charles for a good cause!

Today I dropped off one of Winkelhimers painting and some of my hand made work kitty necklace for the Sweet Art Silent Auction. The auction is this Saturday, Feb. 11 from 11am to 2pm at the Imperial Calcasieu Museum 204 West Sallier Street Lake Charles, LA 70601-5844 The money raised goes to The Hobo Cat Hotel which is a halfway house for kitties!
Winkelhimer Smith The Painting Squirrel!/Winkelhimer

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Comission Winkelhimer Smith the Painting Squirrel.

I accept commissions sometimes for my abstract artwork .I have different colored papers and food coloring. For a standard size 11 X 9 commission it’s 75.00 with S/H within the USA.
To enquirer about commissions you can get in touch with me though my squire mommy at
Mommy has lots of food colors,water colors and non toxic paints for me to paint with.As well as lots of colored and printed papers 🙂
She also will e-mail you a pic of me working on YOUR painting.
Winkelhimer Smith The Painting Squirrel!/Winkelhimer

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