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Mother Nature Network and Yahoo Shine

Mother Nature Network and Yahoo Shine did articles on me.You can find them here and
Winkelhimer Smith,The Painting Squirrel
Find my prints for sale here



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Jan 21st is squirrel appreciation day.

Why not celebrate by donating to some of our fave squirrel rehabbers and charities.
Lovely Lita’s
Julie the Squirrel Lady of Austin
Nuts About Squirrels has a page on their site where you can donate to buy rehabed squirrels some toys or you can buy things that the proceeds go to help squirrel rehabbers.It might sound odd to send toys to squirrels but play is a HUGE part in helping them to get better.
Winkelhimer Smith
Find my prints for sale here

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In case folks wonder where some of my donations go to from the sales of my art.

In case folks wonder where some of my donations go to from the sales of my art *all my art profits go to charity* Today I thought I could help some folks have a happy after thanksgiving.So I donated to Global Giving which helps girls in africa with feminine hygiene needs
World Vision Which lets you pick what gift you’d like to give to support somebody in need.Today we picked to help women learn to sew to make living.Cause Winkelhimer and I are both thankful we can work with out hands to earn money.
and also two squirrel charities aka Julie Squirrelady Gallagher and aka Karen Cromer Clark
If you happen to have some extra funds on hand we suggest you drop a few bucks to these places too!

Winkelhimer Smith,The painting squirrel

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