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My birthday is april 24th.

My birthday is april 24th.If you or your brood would like to send me a birthday card my addy is
Winkelhimer Smith
Po Box 201073
Austin,TX 78720-1073
I have a wall next to my bed where Squirrel Mommy puts things folks send me like cards,letters and even drawings kids send to me.
Squirrel Mommy found me April 24th 2011.I have been with squirrel mommy though everything from a tornado hitting our home with a tree to Squirrel Mommy getting engaged to Squirrel Daddy and us moving all the way to the big city of Austin.

Squirrel Mommy loves me more and more everyday!

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A little food chart for squirrels

A little food chart for squirrels

Feel free to share this,it’s a little food chart for squirrels that our budy Karen Cromer Clark from Lovely Lita’s Sheltering Tree Foundation made.And with the things like cherries and berries in the winder I stock up on frozen ones for wink.And the fresh blueberries freeze beautifully.And all squirrels seem to LOVE fresh corn,and it’s cheap so if you want to feed your outside friends something health,that they love and that is cheap try corn.

Winkelhimer smith the painting squirrel

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Mother Nature Network and Yahoo Shine

Mother Nature Network and Yahoo Shine did articles on me.You can find them here and
Winkelhimer Smith,The Painting Squirrel
Find my prints for sale here



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Jan 21st is squirrel appreciation day.

Why not celebrate by donating to some of our fave squirrel rehabbers and charities.
Lovely Lita’s
Julie the Squirrel Lady of Austin
Nuts About Squirrels has a page on their site where you can donate to buy rehabed squirrels some toys or you can buy things that the proceeds go to help squirrel rehabbers.It might sound odd to send toys to squirrels but play is a HUGE part in helping them to get better.
Winkelhimer Smith
Find my prints for sale here

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