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Winkelhimersmith Smith’s first time drawing with a marker.For the naysayers that think she just CHEWS on her art tools.You can see how she has to to hook her HANDICAP hand around the tool and have to use her mouth to manipulate the tool to help her draw or paint!

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Where you can find my paintings for sale.

I have prints of my paintings for sale on my etsy shop all of the profits go to charity or directly to people or animals in need. 

You can also find me on most social media

And Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day! 

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“Mr Nut” Another adorable squirrel you should check out!

That chubby little guy in the basket in the photo is Mr Nut.He’s Miss Julie The Squirrel Lady Of Austin’s squirrel baby.He is the cutest and maybe even the chubbiest squirrel you will ever see.He also has his own website and Miss Julie’s Squirrel FB
Winkelhimer Smith

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Jan 21st is squirrel appreciation day.

Why not celebrate by donating to some of our fave squirrel rehabbers and charities.
Lovely Lita’s
Julie the Squirrel Lady of Austin
Nuts About Squirrels has a page on their site where you can donate to buy rehabed squirrels some toys or you can buy things that the proceeds go to help squirrel rehabbers.It might sound odd to send toys to squirrels but play is a HUGE part in helping them to get better.
Winkelhimer Smith
Find my prints for sale here

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